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Fabian E. Hernandez is dedicated to design excellence in creating architecture that serves and enriches people and their environment—founded Architectural Design, with a high value of precise standards, craftsmanship, and social commitment required for buildings and interiors of timeless development.

The projects range from residential and commercial to hospitality.

An innovative architect, interior designer, and lighting specialist, Fabian's experience includes complex adaptive reuse projects, dynamic commercial architecture, and hospitality design projects. He has expertise in concept design, material selection, and construction administration. His design is exemplified by his customized details of restaurants and his restoration and illumination master plan for the Institute Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara.


   Fabian's ten years of practice have honed his critical thinking skills. He has focused on developing creative solutions with strategies to meet clients' priorities. His passion for design is not rooted in an ideology but in finding the most elegant solutions to achieve the project objectives. Capitalizing on workshops in painting and sculpture to enhance his aesthetic side has provided balance to his technical qualifications in construction standards, energy consumption, lighting, and temperature regulation. Using both skill sets, he creates harmonic compositions that function and complement their background environments. 

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